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becoming a friend?
Thank you for your interest in Friend Gathering. The gathering is held at a private home in Mt Prospect, IL. You will need to send an email to initiate the invitation process and speak to the hostess to be invited to attend - or be invited by a Friend Gathering Member who would sponsor you. You cannot just stop by. If you have been invited please contact your sponsor for the address or text Rev Pam here 773.307.2128

Friends are of like mind and on their own spiritual path, but not necessarily like religion. We welcome all as an interfaith community and meet together to share in the ritual celebration of the season, always scheduled for 4pm the Saturday before the holiday: summer / winter solstice, and spring / fall equinox.

All ritual is considered pagan light and appropriate for all ages, however, if you have little children we prefer you get a sitter and leave them at home so you can completely devote yourself to the moment at hand.

Each season a member will be in charge with performing that season's ritual. We begin by closing the past season and saying good bye, and then reopening the coming season by calling the cardinal directions to be present at our rite. The circle then stays open until we meet again in three months where the circle is completed, closed and rolls over to the next season. As a note; we hold water in the east as a reflection of the Lakota Native American tradition of the founder.

There is no cost to participate, but it is pot luck and byob. Some members fast before ritual, so no one eats until after the ritual generally 6ish. Plates, cups etc is provided. Each person who performs ritual does it in their own way and reflects their own path according to the season at hand. Most lasts about an hour and weather permitting we hold it in the garden.

Friend Gathering has a circle entering process where we all cleans the ritual area together and you receive your token for that particular season. These tokens become charged with the energy from ritual and become good luck for the participant. A new seeker will be giving this in writing so you know what to do and what to say, don't worry we'll make you feel right at home.

1). You must be invited to attend. If you found us on the internet send an eMail to begin the screening process.
2). Once you attend the first event - the members will decide if you will be asked back. Your sponsor will let you know.
3). If you choose to then dedicate to the circle, you will be given a friend gathering bracelet and be added to the closed group facebook page. Here we keep copies of ritual and keep in touch with members over the weeks in-between meeting.
4). As your requirement for membership, you will be asked to attend four rituals and hold one ritual to become a member. (don't worry - we'll help you with your first ritual)
4). Once you have passed this requirement, members can purchase a ring to be worn on a chain or finger as a member, you have voting rights regarding new members and can invite new people to visit our group and add them onto facebook. Each member will receive a post card in the mail about two weeks prior to meeting as a reminder for each season.

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